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Brittany Faison

The Faison Story

At 18 months, Brittany Faison was diagnosed with autism. Her parents began digging for information and searching for help, but the resources to help their daughter have a rich and fulfilling childhood simply could not be found in Richmond.


Phone call after phone call followed, as well as countless meetings and travel to universities all over the country to seek out national leaders in autism therapy. Their persistence found a teacher for Brittany who was an autism specialist, trained in a one-to-one method of learning called Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). To this day, ABA is the only evidence-based therapy program proven to help children with autism.


From a basement in their home, Brittany's parents set up a classroom for four preschoolers with autism. This led to the establishment of The Faison School in 1999, which now serves the needs of hundreds of toddlers, children, and adults. Brittany's parents set out to bring the state-of-the-art services to those in Central Virginia diagnosed with autism. Today we can thank their tenacity and the love that created The Faison Center - a comprehensive facility with programs for children and adults of all ages who reflect the broad spectrum of autism.


As for Brittany, her personal journey through The Faison Center has led her to a more fulfilling life in an approved family partner home and in our Adult Day Program where she is supported and encouraged to reach her own potential.

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