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Students of the Faison Center

The Faison School & Peninsula School

The Faison and Peninsula School serve students with autism and related challenges between the ages of 5 to 22 years and is comprised of a Lower School Program for students up to 11 years old, a Middle School Program for students ages 11 to 14, an Upper School Program for students ages 14 to 22, an Independent Learner Program for students of all ages, an Employment Academy Program for students ages 14 to 22, and a Life Skills Program for students ages 16 to 22. Our largest program is for school-aged children (5-16 years of age) whose complex neurological and behavioral challenges are too severe for public school. Along with these children, we have students who are more independent and studying at grade level.


Because of the quality of available services, the need for The Faison Center’s educational services through The Faison and Peninsula Schools continues to increase. In addition, early diagnosis of autism is driving extensive demand for our early education and preschool programs.


As with all educational services provided by The Faison Center, the Lower, Middle, and Upper School, and other school programs, are accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Education Facilities (VAISEF) and are licensed by the Virginia Department of Education.

School Programs

The Lower School: 5 - 11 years

The Middle School: 11 - 14 years 

The Upper School: 14 - 22 years 

Life Skills Program: 16 - 22 years; encourages independence as an adult.

Emergent Independent Learner Community: for students of any age; focuses on core academics.

Accelerated Independent Learner Community: for students of any age; educates those who study at grade level.

Employment Academy: 15 – 22 years; full day, community-based instructional services.


The Faison School Richmond Address: 5311 Markel Road, Richmond, VA 23230

Peninsula School Address: 803 Diligence Drive, Suite 300, Newport News, VA 23606

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