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For Families

Parents and families of children with autism can feel alone and uncertain of what the future holds. The Faison Center is here to provide autism resources for families, as well as offer them a community and support system among staff and other parents who understand the difficulties you are facing. Our family resources will be there to support you as we provide a comprehensive range of lifespan services for your child.


"I cannot count the number of times that families have said to me, 'When we found Faison we found hope.' For those families, hope gives a welcome peace of mind. But The Faison Center provides much more than hope, we provide results. Toddlers who came to us unable to speak, can now tell their parents they love them. Students who could not be educated in the public schools are being provided an education that allows them to achieve their personal goals. Adults who have lived at home all of their lives are now able to live their own lives and reach a level of independence they and their families never thought possible."


W. Brian McCann

President & CEO, The Faison Center

The Faison Center's mission across the lifespan is accomplished through specific programs designed to meet the needs of families at different points in their lives: the Faison School, the Faison Behavioral Health Clinic, and Faison Adult Services.
The Faison Center Educational Leadership. 100% of the Senior Supervisory Staff hold a Master's Degree & are Board Certified Behavior Analysts.
The Faison Center Autism Early Intervention
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