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Insurance and Funding


Securing a funding source for special education needs can be a lengthy and challenging procedure. But our admissions department at The Faison Center provides expert knowledge, personalized guidance, and helpful information throughout the process. You can be assured our team will guide you through every step.

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School Services Funding

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School Services Funding




Many of our students are placed at our private day school through the IEP process, which involves the Local Education Agency (i.e., your school district) and their local Family Assessment and Planning Team—the local, multidisciplinary team that oversees the disbursement of funds from the Children’s Services Act.


Virginia also has an insurance mandate for children with autism and for services offered within The Faison School. Your plan may have coverage for applied behavior analysis (ABA) services offered within the school. Contact your provider to inquire about coverage and, in addition, our admissions team can assist as you explore insurance funding during the application process.


If other financial sources cannot be secured, private funding is, of course, an option. Once the student’s needs are assessed, The Faison Center can provide a billing contract to be signed by the private funding party.

Behavioral Health Clinic Funding


For any services through Faison's Behavioral Health Clinic (BHC), a contract detailing costs and funding sources will be prepared prior to service delivery. The BHC accepts a variety of funding sources, depending on the service provided. If private insurance or a Medicaid insurance policy are the anticipated funding source, our finance office will work with the family to determine likely coverage prior to service implementation.


The Early Education Center and the After School Program may be funded via "ABA Therapy" under either private insurance or a Medicaid insurance policy, through funding obtained by a locality caseworker through the CSA system, or through private payment.


Behavioral Consultation may be funded via "Therapeutic Consultation" under any of the Medicaid waiver programs or through private payment.


Other BHC programs, such as Community Access Training and agency-wide training/consultation, are currently funded through private payment by the individual, family or organization that requests the service.



Adult Services Funding


Faison Center is licensed by Virginia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) for Sponsored Residential, Supervised Living, Supportive In-home, and Day Support services. We accept all three Virginia Medicaid Waivers (Community Living [CL], Family and Individual Supports [FIS], and Building Independence [BI]) for payment of services. Private payment is also an option. The following tables outline the services we provide and the types of Waivers that can be used to pay for each service.

Faison Residence Program - Residential Services


Family Partners Program

Adult Day Program Options