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Adult Services

As part of The Faison Center’s lifespan of services, we provide a range of adult services for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities as they transition to a more independent lifestyle in adulthood.

The Faison Residence

The Faison Residence is one of the country’s first compassionate communities for adults and allows individuals to transition from home-based services to a more independent lifestyle in adulthood. This atmosphere helps residents develop daily life skills and additionally provides health and recreation programs, and volunteer opportunities.

Adult Day Services

The Faison Center's Adult Day Services program is designed to enrich the lives of individuals with special needs. This strategic community-focused program develops, arranges and coordinates learning opportunities like daily living skills, health and recreation programs, and volunteering.

Our Adult Day Services are only available for individuals in our Family Partner Program or the Faison Residence.

For individuals currently enrolled in one of our adult service programs who would like to speak with our Adult Services Director, please click here to schedule a consultation.

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