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Early intervention can play a vital role in helping children with autism succeed. The Faison Center recommends taking action immediately after diagnosis, instead of waiting until a child is old enough to enter a day school program at age four or five. As part of the Behavioral Health Clinic, the Early Education Center offers the benefits of an early intervention and educational program to help develop the child’s communication and social skills, and provide parents with helpful support and training. The Early Education Center is designed for students as young as 16 months old. 

Partnership with Westhampton Day School

Partnering with Westhampton Day School, Faison’s inclusive classrooms combine children with autism from our Early Education Center with their typically developing peers. 

In order to offer opportunities for all of our students to participate in some type of inclusive learning, Westhampton Day School created two typical preschool classrooms on The Faison Center campus. 

The partnership has also helped develop a supportive community among typical developing children that will improve the world as they grow into older learners and eventually adults.

The Faison Center’s Early Education Center embraces a verbal behavior developmental model and uses a personalized approach adapted for each student. The school uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), inclusive and play-based teaching methods, motor planning training and social skills instruction. Formalized parent training tailored to the family’s needs is also provided. Students in the Early Education Center are served by a team of licensed behavior analysts, teachers, and teaching assistants.

  • 75%​ of the Early Education Center "graduates" into a less restrictive environment, usually a general education classroom

  • 100% of students are involved in some level of inclusion with typical peers

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