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Faison's Boards

The Faison Center is supported by volunteer boards made up of community and professional leaders in the Richmond, Virginia, area. The boards provide financial oversight and strategic guidance, support fundraising and development goals, build awareness in the community, and foster partnerships with other organizations and individuals.


The Faison Center Board Members

  • Alan Kirshner - Chair

  • Don Faison, Jr. - Vice Chair

  • John Lewis - Secretary 

  • Richard Davis

  • Duane Deskevich

  • Paul C. Edmunds, II

  • Lynne Faison

  • Chitra Jain

  • Stanley K. Joynes, III

  • Nosuk Kim

  • Keira Lombardo

  • Dan Loy

  • Alex Martin

  • John G. Myers, Jr.

  • Lucille Wagner


The Faison School Advisory Council

  • Don Faison, Jr. - Chair

  • Marilyn Bota

  • Peter deGroot

  • Debbie Edmunds

  • Sandra Mihaloff

  • Laraine Warner

Peninsula School Advisory Council

  • Denise Tysinger - Chair

  • Carolyn Abbitt

  • Dr. Douglas Chessen

  • Kathryn Cutler

  • Libby David

  • Dr. Frank Engel

  • Isabel Hatchett

  • Heather Livingston

  • Pam Rios

  • Candy Snyder

  • Michael Troutman

  • Greta Vander Vennet

  • Kristen Beam Witt

  • Dara Yeh

The Faison Residence Advisory Council

  • Nancy Belleman - Chair

  • Lynne Faison

  • Elizabeth Krusen

  • Mike Laing

The Faison Clinical Advisory Council

  • Dr. Michael Cataldo, Director, Department of Behavioral Psychology, Kennedy Krieger Institute

  • Dr. R. Douglas Greer, Professor of Psychology and Education, Teachers College at Columbia University

  • Dr. Melissa Nelson, local pediatrician

  • Terry J Page, PhD, BCBA-D

  • Joshua K Pritchard, PhD, BCBA-D, Southern Illinois University

The Faison Center Junior Board

  • Sara Ellen Snow, President

  • Shelby Kingsley, Vice President

  • Trevor Adams

  • Erin Barrett

  • Eliza Conrad

  • Grace Davis

  • Bryan Defino

  • Britt Flippo

  • Jimmy Gift

  • Nada Golden

  • Emily Hovis

  • Taylor Kopocis

  • Emily Laux

  • Kate Little

  • Molly Mascia

  • Molly McDonald

  • Julia Monroe

  • Marissa Moomaw

  • John Mumper

  • Molly Newcomb

  • Jill Norris

  • Lizzie Oliver

  • Katie Temple Parker

  • Katie Reed, Past President

  • Kelly Reeves

  • Alex Sauer

  • Brantley Scott

  • Peyton Stroud

  • Jessica Taylor

  • Kate Whitehead


Ph: (804) 612 - 1947

Fax: (804) 612 - 1955


1701 Byrd Avenue

Richmond, VA 23230

The Faison Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, creed, or gender.

The Faison School is accredited by CABAS® and VAISEF, whose accreditation process has been approved by the Virginia Council for Private Education as authorized by the Virginia State Board of Education. The School is licensed by the Virginia Department of Education. The Behavioral Health Clinic and Adult and Residential Services are licensed by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.

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