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Making important decisions about a child’s educational needs can be overwhelming. You have choices to make about which school to pick, which programs are best, and how the student’s education will be funded. At The Faison School & Peninsula School, we make the process less intimidating by providing application assistance and individualized recommendations. Once interest is shown in The Faison School & Peninsula School – whether by a parent, the school division, a doctor, a therapist or another service professional – the admissions process typically involves the following steps:


Schedule a tour

A tour of The Faison School & Peninsula School’s facilities is the best way to gather initial information about the school’s programs. Tours are available several times each month and are limited to six families on each tour. Lasting approximately two to three hours, the tour will include an overview of the school and its philosophy, a run-through of a typical school day, a review of the programs available, and details about the admissions process. Please note that the student should not be present for this initial tour. You can schedule a tour of by calling the front desk at (804) 612-1947.


Complete the application

Download and complete the school application and return it to The Faison School & Peninsula School. All required paperwork must be submitted with the application for it to be considered complete. This includes the application form, the current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) if the student is of school age, the current eligibility document or doctor’s diagnosis, and the Virginia School Health Entrance Form. The completed application and paperwork can be emailed to or faxed to (804) 612-1955 to the attention of Admissions.


Set up the admissions interview and student observation

The Faison School & Peninsula School will conduct an admissions interview with the student’s family and any other interested parties the family wishes to invite (grandparents, therapist, etc.). The admissions interview allows the family to discuss the student’s history, what services have been received in the past, areas where they’d like to concentrate, and any questions that weren’t answered during the initial tour. While the admissions interview is being conducted with the family, a member of The Faison School & Peninsula School staff will complete an observation with the student. The observation typically involves activities such as playing a game or touring the school, allowing the staff member time to interact with the student and complete the new student observation form. If the student lives more than 100 miles from the Richmond area, a video observation may be submitted instead.


Receive a service recommendation letter

After the admissions interview and student observation, The Faison School & Peninsula School’s enrollment committee will review the student’s application to determine how to best meet the student’s needs. The Faison School & Peninsula School then sends a service recommendation letter and proposed start date to the applicant. If the recommendation includes full-time day services, an enrollment agreement will also be sent to the funding party. If The Faison School & Peninsula School feels it cannot properly meet the student’s needs, alternative recommendations will be offered.


Sign the enrollment agreement

Once the enrollment agreement is signed by the funding party, The Faison School & Peninsula School will begin the hiring and training process for any additional staff required. The funding source must be solidified before the enrollment agreement is signed. An accurate purchase order is needed for students utilizing public funding, and a billing contract is required for students funded by private resources. For information on funding, please visit our insurance and funding page.


Attend the enrollment meeting

Before the student’s start date, an enrollment meeting will be conducted with the parent/guardian (at minimum). A letter or email from The Faison School & Peninsula School will list items that must be brought to the meeting. Final enrollment paperwork will be completed during the meeting, and the parent handbook will be reviewed.


After all enrollment paperwork is completed, the funding is secured and confirmed, and the staff has completed initial training, the student will enter The Faison School & Peninsula School.


If you would like to begin the admissions process, please set up a tour of The Faison School & Peninsula School by contacting the front desk at (804) 612-1947. For further questions, please email




Please download and complete the school application and return it to The Faison Center, along with any required paperwork. Before the application can be considered complete, all required paperwork must be submitted. Required documents include the following:

Our admissions department is here to help, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the required documents or the application process. The completed application can be emailed to or faxed to (804) 612-1955 to the attention of admissions.

Note that before you submit the application, we recommend that you first complete a school tour. Tours are limited to six families and are available several times each month. Schedule a tour by calling the front desk at (804) 612-1947.


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