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Interested in learning more about jobs at The Faison Center? We offer a number of fulltime and part-time positions that will allow you to gain experience working with and supporting individuals with autism. Full-time positions offer a competitive salary, educational reimbursement, and attractive insurance benefits, while part-time positions allow for a flexible schedule. Current positions are updated regularly and removed as they are filled.



"The Faison Community has become an extension of my family. Staff, individuals, and their families have been incredibly welcoming over the past six years. Working in the Residential Program has given me the opportunity to support adults in achieving the goals they have created for their life while also learning and growing as a person myself. Nothing has been more rewarding."

Residential Program Manager



"The best part about working at Faison - The people. The opportunity. The teamwork."
Teaching Assistant



"The best part about working at Faison is being able to celebrate the smallest success with your students! I love seeing them grow over the time I work with them.  Nothing makes me more happy than making a difference in anyone's life."

Team Leader

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