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Family Partner Program

The Faison Center's Family Partnership Program is a residential option for adults with autism. They are matched with professional family partners in single-family homes. Often the professional family partner has a long-term relationship with the person to be supported. A Family Partner home is developed in full partnership with the natural family, the professional family partner, and Faison.


Family Partners make a lifestyle choice to pursue a full-time career in their home by inviting a young adult with autism or other developmental disability to join their family and share their lives.  Family Partners provide a caring and structured home life, in partnership with Faison and the individual's natural family. This career choice provides Family Partners with the flexibility to stay at home with their children, or to pursue other interests as most of the individuals served attend day programs such as Faison's Adult Day Services. Professional Family Partners participate in best practice training and use Faison resources. Family Partners are independent contractors and are encouraged to seek guidance from a CPA when filing their state and federal taxes.

The program ensures that individuals with autism have an increased level of independence and are living enriched, inclusive lives within the community.


For more information on this program, please contact

Downloadable information for adults with autism and their families.

Downloadable information for providers.

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