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Behavioral Health Clinic Admissions

For further information about admissions to Faison’s Behavioral Health Clinic, please contact us at or call us at (804) 612-1947. Please be prepared to describe the individual’s challenges and the source of funding. If the Clinic’s services appear potentially beneficial for the individual, an intake and initial evaluation will be scheduled to give our team an opportunity to assess the client in person (approximately 45-60 minutes). After the evaluation, the admissions team will provide a formal recommendation within five business days. If the parent or guardian chooses to proceed with the recommended services, The Behavioral Health Clinic will generate a contract. Services can begin after Faison receives the signed contract and provides the family with an official start date.

Diagnostic Services, Early Education Center, Behavioral Consultation and Speech Services - Download and complete the Behavioral Health Clinic application and HIPAA Policy and return it to The Faison Center via the address listed on the application. All required paperwork must be submitted with the application for it to be considered complete.

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