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Diagnostic Services

Faison offers ADOS-2 Administration as well as full Diagnostic Evaluations in our Behavioral Health Clinic to assess learning and developmental concerns including:

  • Autism spectrum disorders

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

  • Behavioral and emotional disorders

  • Intellectual disabilities


ADOS-2 Administration and Reporting (Cost = $300)

Our trained clinicians will administer the ADOS-2 and provide a written report detailing the results. The ADOS-2 is the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule and is considered the gold-standard in assessing individuals of all ages to help diagnose Autism Spectrum disorders. The report can be taken to pediatricians who have agreed to consider making a diagnosis based on the results of the ADOS-2 assessment. 


Diagnostic Evaluation (Cost = approximately $800-1200)

A diagnostic evaluation for autism spectrum disorder or related disorders consists of direct observation by our trained team as well as a review of information gathered from parents, teachers, caregivers, and other professionals working with the individual.

  • Team Observation

  • Information Review

  • Comprehensive Results

  • Evaluation Results with Recommendations and Resources


The evaluation process for the diagnostic service includes: 

  • Intake and Interview session

  • Testing

  • Feedback meeting and Written report with recommendations for learning, academic, social/interpersonal and behavioral success


The Faison Center does not accept insurance for these services and payment is due at the time of the appointment.