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Independent Learner Communities


In addition to providing educational services to children severely impacted by autism who may need wrap-around services throughout their lives, Faison also educates children who are studying at grade level. These students, our “Independent Learners,” possess the skills necessary to learn just as their peers in public school. However, without Faison’s assistance and approach, these students would struggle to succeed in the public school setting. At our Independent Learning Center, their education will be accelerated exponentially. 



Emergent Independent Learner Community

The Emergent Independent Learner Community program is distinct from the Upper School program in that it focuses more on core versus applied academics. Students in this program often have similar profiles to those enrolled in the accelerated independent learner community but require more intensive behavioral or academic support for the time being.

Accelerated Independent Learner Community

Accommodating students up to age 22, the Accelerated Independent Learner program is closest to grade level. The program is more academically rigorous than some of The Faison Center’s other programs, as it helps prepare students for community college or a four-year college degree program. The Accelerated Independent Learner Community serves students who are performing at or near grade level in one or more core curriculum areas.


Schedule and Location

Both of the Independent Learner programs at The Faison Center are open year-round, Monday through Friday from 8:15am until 2:15pm. The independent learner communities are in the main school building at 1701 Byrd Ave.


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