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Internships at Faison


Our full and part-time internship opportunities are open to those degree-seeking students majoring in psychology, special education, human services, speech-language pathology, or behavior analysis. 


Internships will provide hands-on experience working with students in the classroom, training using ABA teaching strategies, practice utilizing data collection to evaluate effectiveness and experience problem-solving complex issues. Internships are available in our Life Skills, Lower School, Accelerated Independent Learning Community, and Adult Programs. 



Applicant Requirements:

  • Must be enrolled in an accredited college program

  • A minimum commitment of 15 hours a week.  Minimum of 4 hours per day

  • Must submit to a background check



Essential Physical Requirements:

• Lift 50 pounds (and keep back straight while doing so)

• Bend at all joints fluently

• Move in and out of and maintain a kneeling position for up to five minutes

• Reach in all directions

• Grasp using both hands  

• Move quickly in both confined and open spaces to avoid safety issues

• Run in order to retrieve an individual who is moving quickly away from staff 

• Maintain balance while lowering to a half-squat position


To apply for an internship position, please submit your resume and volunteer application to

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